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ICS-MUTUAL is a financial assistance association serving people in need. We offer loans with very low interest rates to individuals, students and small and medium businesses.

We also assist our clients in the realization of their personal project. Our team of advisers is available 24/7. The repayment of our loans begins after 12 months. This gives our clients the time they need to start enjoying their project and prepare for reimbursement. We are here to help you get the loan you need. We work with hundreds of direct lenders who can currently provide variable loans based on customer needs. Currently, we are proud to offer several types of loan products, including.

  • Long term loans
  • Short term loans
  • Credit repurchase
  • Project financing
  • Investment
  • Auto Loans
  • Home loans
  • Personal loans

We pride ourselves on our ability to help others with their loan needs and provide assistance to them and their families. We combine superior loan products with our experienced staff of employees to provide maximum satisfaction. Although our main product is loan financing, our main objective is to provide our customers with the best service they can get. Our customer service policies have been part of our mission since when our company was founded. Led by our management team, our employees have a passion for helping others and they are trained to make the most of our customers. Our employees are able to listen to each of our customers' needs and guide them to the right product for them that fits their plan. Our focus on customer needs and wants allows our company to stand out above our competitors. We understand that our customers want easy-to-understand information and loan terms and we make sure that our employees are able to easily pass our products on to them. We use cutting-edge technologies in communication with our customers in order to make easy exchanges of information. We strive to make you have the most pleasant experiences with us so that in the future, when special needs arise, you will think of us first.


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Carolina Peeters

Finance Officer

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Austin Burnett Rivers


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Michelle Devereux

Client Manager

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David Hills

Client Manager



We are now called repurchase of loan, repurchase of real estate loan, consists in regrouping several financial operations (to buy a property, to finance a project..) in one and only credit. You can also do a real estate mortgage redemption simulation, and you will see how interesting this solution is.


Or we can also call it the car loan, is a loan mainly for the purchase of a new or used vehicle. Thanks to the online request for car loan on the site, you can in a few clicks have a fast response well studied and detailed to your file (in less than 24 hours).


This loan is intended for every professional (artisan, trader, liberal and small business) aiming to accelerate the growth of his project through a financial strategy and tolerance of reimbursement. It is thanks to the loan investment that you will concretize your projects, without blocking your cash.


To finance your personal projects (vacancy, decor of your home, hobbies ...) Quick loan finance offers a type of credit and quick personal loan adjusted to your profile with ease and speed. The personal loan is the best solution.


Whether to buy a new home, to finance the second home project or for a purchase of property, probably the best solution is the mortgage. You will see how interesting and beneficial this solution is.


The financing of studies or professional training is intended for apprentices and employees in professional reconversion, the study credit is studied case by case according to several criteria (amount, duration, repayment capacity ...).

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